How to Pick Key Words to Rank Well 

Getting the right keywords is a major step in your SEO plan.

Understanding the way people search these days will give you an insight into the right type of keywords to utilize.

When a person does a search for something, such as OVEN for example, the first few search results to be returned are often too broad. The person doing the search will often then add more and more specific words as his or her searches progress in an effort to find exactly what they are looking for. So with the example of the oven, a broad search with this word will throw back lots of results that are completely irrelevant. The fourth or fifth search might look more like RANGE OVEN FREE INSTALLATION SUFFOLK. Armed with this knowledge, it makes sense to focus on what is called the ‘long-tail keyword phrases’ rather than the short, general keywords which are incredibly competitive and take longer to get results with.

Long-tail keyword phrases, tend to be the searches used just prior to a purchase as a person gets closer to what it is exactly they are looking for. So don’t forget or dismiss these – they are probably even more important that the much sought after broad search terms, and catch a prospective client when they are that much closer to making a purchasing decision.

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